For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for craziness. I am constantly coming up with new ideas – the more colorful, irreverent and zany, the better. Where does the inspiration come from? Sometimes it’s nature’s raw materials or a treasure from the thrift store or some unique article from a dumpster.

I love learning and am self-taught. I have a passion for just about everything in life and dabble in all things creative from twisting balloon animals, playing the harp and piano, cooking comfort food for 100’s, and of course restoring and revamping treasures that others have discarded.
Most recently I worked in a marketing department for a fast food chain. I also started my own non-profit organization (www.memoryjar.org), and I participate in several other charitable endeavors.

I am spiritual, full of hope, see the best in others and am deeply committed to creating works of art that touch people in a special and unique way. I truly hope you find something on my website that calls out to you.

To date, my greatest creations were my children, James and Robert. I live in Newport Beach where the surf and sand never cease to inspire and refuel my creativity.